Commercial Development & Land Management


Blue Ox routinely assists commercial developers, engineering companies, and private landowners with ecological and regulatory services. Sometimes, a phone call can clear up misconceptions about complex regulations; but more often than not, environmental factors can affect or limit the development of private property.

Blue Ox can provide key insight to regulatory hurdles, environmental costs, and current permitting timeframes as you move forward in plans for your land. Whether you are developing for commercial purposes, or have personal enhancement plans, lean on Blue Ox for assistance. Our services include:

Wetlands PermittingWetlands Consulting: Wetlands permitting, wetland delineations, and mitigation planning for construction and development projects, mitigation bank permitting, greentree projects, site restoration, and natural resource land management.

ecological consultingEcological Services: Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys, Coastal Resource Planning, Site Restoration Planning, Biological Assessments & Habitat Evaluations, Environmental Land Management

Clean Water Act Oil Pollution ActWater Permitting: Stormwater permitting, SWPPP Plans, BMP guidance, state and local collaboration.